Flat bags are the most popular shape of a bag. Bags of this type have no bottom or sides. They are ideally suited for documents, conference materials or small purchases.

Bags are produced to order from 3 available fabrics: 150 g calico, 280 g drill, 260 g panama. Each of the fabrics is available in a wide range of colours. It is possible to mix both colours and types of fabrics selecting them to the needs of the project or campaign, e.g. coloured handles. We can apply the print on both sides of the bag, up to 8 colours. In addition, the print project can be performed from edge to edge thanks to the option to apply the print before sewing. There are technological limitations concerning the print size on the finished bag. In addition, you can add such finishing details as tag with the logo, label, inside pocket for a phone and small items. Each bag can also be packed separately in a plastic bag.
The standard delivery time is 15 working days from the order confirmation and visualisation. The delivery time is each time confirmed by the commercial department.

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TS Standard bag

Dimension: 38x41 cm
Classic, very aesthetically made bag, without the base gusset.
Holds A4 format.


TM10 Single handle bag

Dimension: 38x41 cm
Flat bag with one handle. The 4 cm wide and 80 cm long handle is attached to alternate sides of the bag.

TM15 Flat two-colour bag

Dimension: 38x41 cm
Standard flat bag with an option to mix colours from the palette of available fabric colours.